Michael Whitehead

Originally from South Africa, and currently residing in The Languedoc, France, Michael Whitehead has been immersed in the European culture for over two decades. In the mid 1990’s Michael commenced following the live Tour de France while on vacation in France and this experience enabled him to grow and pursue this passion for cycling by organising tours for friends. Eventually this morphed into FLS Cycling Tours.

By combining his deep love of history, his experience and knowledge of French and Italian wine, food and countryside, with his passion for cycling, Michael has been able to capture the essence of the FLS tagline: ‘’the Art of Life’’, for FLS’s clients.

Additionally, Michael is proudly involved with South Africa’s World Tour professional cycling team, Dimension Data for Qhubeka, who compete worldwide, from their base in Lucca, Italy. His involvement with the team ensures an interesting dynamic to FLS Cycling Tours itineraries.

Dominique Whitehead

Coffee august 2011 010-1Dominique, born to Mauritian parents, grew up in Mauritius and Africa (on a coffee estate), eventually settling in Europe and presently living in France.

She has added value to the green coffee bean for the past 20 years and has developed an extensive network in France, ranging from organic producers of food, guesthouse owners, winemakers. Her organisational skills are superb.

FLS Cycling Tours benefits from these organisational skills, her network and the quality of the coffee (produced by her company Café Tumbuka, to give animation to its philosophy of the Art of Life.
Dominique summarises her fervour thus: “Tumbuka was born from a lifelong passion and a desire to take a more interesting approach to coffee. I also wanted to integrate my business with my family life, and so maintain a healthy balance between professional and personal time. Hence, the creation of a roasting workshop, which has expanded to a new exciting coffee and wine bar, with one of the region’s top wine producers: La Grange.

“I aim to focus on a small palette of delicious, gourmet Organic and Fair Trade coffees, hand roasted with a lot of care in order to create a more original experience for my customers.”

Nicolas Dougall

Nic DougallNicolas Dougall is a 23 year old cyclist born in Hertfordshire, England and raised in Brisbane, Australia. Since a very young age he has been involved in endurance sports. He competed and enjoyed success in swimming, cross country running and triathlon while at school, winning the 16-19 age group Triathlon World Championships in 2009.

After school he decided he wanted to pursue a career in professional sport. Cycling seemed like the perfect way for him to do this. Captivated by cycling, having watched the Tour de France as a 10-year-old, he has raced in Australia, Thailand, Indonesia, China, Azerbaijan, South Africa and the United States.
For the last three years he has raced professionally for the South African World Tour Team Dimension Data for Qhubeka(http://africasteam.com), and is based in Lucca, Italy.

In Nic’s words: “With FLS’s chosen charity being Qhubeka and its strong links to the professional team, it made a lot of sense to accept a position as a technical consultant. FLS Cycling Tours is an opportunity for us to share with you the sport that we are so passionate about and to make sure that you experience the best of what cycling in Europe has to offer.”



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