We believe that exceptional accommodation is essential in creating a memorable experience. Thus, the type of accommodation is essentially driven by area, duration and quality and therefore we have an eclectic mix of preferred chateaux/bed-and-breakfasts /hotels/gites, that we have developed relationships with. The photographs are indicative of these preferred venues chosen for their attractive location and superior facilities, while dovetailing with our Art of Life requirements.









Cuisine & Wine

Throughout the tour we ensure that our clients are introduced to a diversity of delightful regional cuisine, matched with the appropriate wines; because we believe it is unsympathetic to allow you to “take the leap” on an unsatisfied stomach or palate!

The Art of Life philosophy embraced by FLS, ensures gastronomy and wine are a central part of any tour, ranging from simple regional style cooking to an in house chef or Michelin star restaurant dining. Your palate will definitely be indulged, on every level!

We also provide a European breakfast each day and the flexible lunch options include en route picnics, restaurant dining or at accommodation meals.

Things to see and do

Things-to-see-and-DoOne of the other pillars of the Art of Life philosophy we believe that in order to create an outstanding holiday it is essential to discover and experience as much as possible in the locality.

During the tour we will allow ample time for sightseeing, en-route breaks and provide a wide range of off the bike options. This includes visits and activities, such as wine tasting and vineyard tours, kayaking, hot air ballooning, rustic cooking courses and exploring historic monuments and sites. You may also choose to absorb the culture with trips to local cafés and quaint regional markets.

Remember our riding options are flexible allowing you to ride as little or as much as you like. If you need some ‘pamper time’, take a day off to relax and immerse yourself in the local environment.


Two options are available: You may choose to ride your own bicycle for comfort and familiarity or, we offer the option to hire a bicycle on request, for an additional cost. If you wish to hire a bicycle please contact us and we will be happy to arrange the hire, of either one of Road bikes (we have the Winspace carbon frame carbon fork, with Shimano 105), for our Hybrids (we have the Trek 7.5, with Shimano components), or an electronic bike. If we cannot provide the exact required bicycle, we will source your precise requirements.


Riding ability and Routes

FLS offers a unique experience that combines a myriad of selected routes constructed to suit any riding ability; from the most picturesque rides through extraordinary lavender, sunflower fields and vineyards, to ascending major climbs such as Mont Ventoux, Col de Glandon and Alpes D’Huez.

The distance and difficulty of each day are mutually agreed to ensure that you can make the most of your experience. Depending on each the difficulty of the ride, an equipped support vehicle will accompany the ‘peloton’ from start to finish and provide en route assistance.

You will receive on bike food supplements and drinks to sustain you. To ascertain what routes will best suit you, check out our Riding Capability Rating:



Daily Distance and Elevation

Indicative Summary


Occassional Rider

Average kms: 25-45 kilometres

Average Elevation: 100-350 m

I’m content not to wear lycra, cleats (clip in shoes) are a novelty! Riding 30 kms a day is adequate. I intend to stop en route and take in the scenery and sample the coffee.


Weekend Rider

Average kms: 25-50 kilometres

Average Elevation: 300-500 m

I can comfortably ride 30-50km each day but I would still like to enjoy the surroundings while I ride. Rest, recovery and re-fuelling should also be a highlight of my day.


Robust Rider

Average kms: 50-100 kilometres

Average Elevation: 450-750 m

Riding at least 50-100 kms is an accomplishment. Active sightseeing from the saddle is preferable.


Avid Rider

Average kms: 250-350 kms/week

Average Elevation: 1000-2,300 m, in excess of 1 hour of ascending

Spending hours on my bike is a pleasure and I can ride over 100km each day. I prefer to be in a group of riders that have a brisk average of anywhere between 29 kph and 33 kph and would like to challenge myself on some major ascents.

Why should you take the leap?

  • We offer a once in a life-time fully guided cycling tour for anyone willing to “take the leap”. From sight-seers to advanced riders, the FLS experience is truly unique and completely customized
  • We provide outstanding accommodation to ensure that your time off the bike is just as unforgettable as your time on the bike
  • We endeavour to provide customisation prior to your tour so that you can make your experience with FLS truly your own. We believe that by finding out exactly what you want from your trip, and doing everything to make it happen, we can provide you with a memorable holiday
  • Intimate group sizes of up to 10 guests will ensure that each of you receive personal assistance
  • We have specifically chosen our tour dates to enhance your overall experience and capture the finest weather your destination has to offer
  • We provide personal collection upon arrival and return
  • We believe in running our own tours and are highly involved throughout the entire process, with immediate contact and liaison to ensure you receive an unrivalled holiday experience
  • We offer an extensive range of off the bike activities and opportunities to explore and discover your surrounds
  • We offer a wide variety of flexible dining options, including simple regional style cooking, en-route picnicking, an in-house chef or Michelin star restaurant outings

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